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SiteDesignWorks SEO experts will work one-on-one with you to deliver custom reports and consultations to help increase your traffic and leads. We’ll learn about you, your website, and your marketing goals, to deliver the strategy that’s right for you. We offer three basic plans to help you expand your online reach. In addition, we can offer customized plans based on your needs and budget.

Our Packaged SEO Plans



– 30 minute overview consultation

This 30 minute consultation includes an overview of SEO and SEM strategies, suggestions on possible avenues to explore, and budget expectations.

This is the best choice for those who are new to reaching online markets and are exploring their options.

The price of this plan can be applied to a Basic or Premium plan should you decide to upgrade within 30 days.


PRICE: $60



– 30 minute initial consultation

– Comprehensive analysis of website

– 1 hour of in-depth discussion

Comprehensive analysis includes determining appropriate page titles and keywords. Your website content will be reviewed in conjunction with an industry analysis and suggestions will be made in order to optimize your online reach. This plan is geared toward clients that plan to increase their visibility via organic methods as opposed to paid advertising such as Google AdWords.


PRICE: $270



– 30 minute initial consultation

– Comprehensive analysis of website

– Competitor comparison

– Link building strategy

– UI UX heatmap generation and analysis

– Google AdWords strategy and budget planning *

– Social Media and content audit

– Long-term daily checklist

– 2 hour in-depth discussion

Designed for those who need more detailed analysis in order to take a vigorous approach to increasing their online reach, either organically or by paid methods.


PRICE: $540

* Budgets for Google AdWords or any other paid advertisements are not included in the plan price.

All packages are fully customizable to your budget and needs, so call or fill out the form now to start the plan that’s right for you!


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